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                Int'l Student Campus Life Article Content
                Notice on Further Strengthening Epidemic Control for International Students
                February 11, 2020Click:

                The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the hearts of millions of people. Our university has attached great significance to all international students’ safety and wellbeing. All levels of governments and organizations in China are sparing every effort to fight against the epidemic. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, School of International Education (SIE) makes the following arrangement on epidemic control and new semester delay. All international students shall comply with the school's arrangements for epidemic prevention, and those who do not comply with will be dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations.

                1.International Students Staying on Campus

                (1) All international student school counselors are on duty and available for 24 hours. If you have any question, ask them for help. Grid-based management has been implemented. Each floor of the International Student Dormitory is equipped with volunteers to have the daily report and to rule out exceptional cases.

                (2) In accordance with relevant regulations on campus safety management during the epidemic period, all international student dormitories have been closed since February 9. Except for special circumstances, all international students on campus are not allowed to leave the campus. If you need to leave the campus, you must obtain the approval from SIE. Students are strictly prohibited from visiting other student’s room. The length of stay in public spaces within campus is no more than 1 hour every day, and the time for leaving and entering the dormitory will be registered and the body temperature will be checked. Daily meals will be provided.

                (3) International students who plan to go back to their home countries shall follow the application procedures strictly.

                (4) During the epidemic period, everyone shall obey CSU's arrangement. The Staff Hospital shall keep providing disease prevention materials as well as medical guidance for international students and related working staff.

                2.International Students not on Campus

                (1) According to the arrangement of Ministry of Education and CSU, the new semester shall not begin before Feb. 24th, 2020 and the specific time will be notified in advance. All international students are not allowed to return in advance.

                (2) Students who are currently staying off campus in Changsha and staying in other cities in China are required to stay in the current place. Please strictly obey the overall arrangements and requirements for epidemic prevention work in the residential area, and report the detailed address, emergency contact and daily physical condition to the school counselor. SIE has contacted the relevant management department of the street or unit where students stay outside the school. If you have any abnormal conditions or epidemic related issues, please contact the local epidemic prevention department and report to your school counselor in a timely manner.

                (3) For those who have returned to home countries, please pay close attention to the school notice and the information of the WeChat account of SIE (search for: OverseasStudentsOffice) and related WeChat group. Please report personal conditions to the school counselor daily.

                (4) Suspension of class does not mean cessation of study. Please consciously make a study plan during the delayed period, and actively participate in online courses arranged by the university and your colleges.

                Let us concert our efforts and unit together! The haze of the epidemic will finally dissipate. When the spring blooms, see you at CSU!

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